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In the near future–possibly very near if Google Wallet takes off–these systems will enable wave-and-pay in stores, as well as integrating added features like in-store loyalty schemes and even direct wireless transmission of ads or small apps to the owner’s phone.

Pay Pal could, of course, scale Zong’s technology into a more sophisticated system in the future, but it’s already well aware of the upside.

It's similar to Twitch Cheers, which allows a user to purchase 'bits', which are then used to purchase cheers, affording them more exposure in comments.

Of course, this has another, ulterior motive: adding in another revenue stream for the live streamer.

"He is probably part of a larger group of hackers, who are under continued investigation," they said. Separately, a group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous Operations said they would attack Pay Pal, not, about an hour after an attack on Amazon was due to start. The previous schedule was to do so, but we don't have enough forces," they said on Twitter.

Anonymous Operations released a do-it-yourself hacking tool earlier Thursday so supporters could make their own computers part of the attack. The site has been attacked, which has slowed it down but has "not significantly impacted payments," Pay Payl's Anuj Nayar told CNN.

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