Delayed due to accommodating passengers

This can take the form of vouchers, points, a refund, accommodations or some combination of these options. These include rebooking passengers from canceled flights and paying for accommodations if you’re bumped off a flight for certain reasons. It outlines some circumstances that merit compensation, including lost or delayed luggage and tarmac delays of more than three hours.

Other times when you might have a claim: Beyond these basic rules, compensation depends on the individual airline and its “contract of carriage.” Most airlines follow similar rules, but some are more generous—or easier to talk to—than others.

It is likely that compensation only will apply for short-haul flights delayed by a minimum of five hours, or nine or 12 hours on longer journeys.

On a more positive note, passengers' rights when stuck sweltering in a plane going nowhere on the tarmac look set to improve.

Some airlines are trying to minimize the harm (and keep from losing more customers) with compensation policies for passengers.

Here’s a look at how to go about asking for that compensation, and which airlines are your best bets.

On departing flights, airlines are prohibited from allowing an aircraft to remain on the tarmac at a U. airport for more than three hours on domestic flights and more than four hours on international flights without beginning the process of returning to a suitable disembarkation point to deplane passengers.

If the ticket is booked through a travel agent or directly by an airline, they must pass on to the passenger all information available in the computer system about: When the delay is at least five hours and you decide not to travel on the delayed flight, we will offer you: reimbursement of the full cost of your ticket, at the price at which it was bought, for the part or parts of the journey not made, and for the part or parts already made if the flight is no longer serving any purpose in relation to your original travel plan.

If your flight is cancelled, we will offer you the following assistance: I. In the event of re-routing in connection with your cancelled flight, if the reasonably expected time of departure of the new flight is at least the day after the departure as it was planned for the cancelled flight, we will also offer you: These amounts are reduced by 50 % where we offer re-routing that takes place no later than the times set out in the above paragraph entitled "Delay".

Depending on the length of your delay and flight, airlines have to provide - for free - means of communication (eg phone calls), a reasonable amount to eat and drink (usually covered in the form of vouchers), and, for overnight delays, hotel accommodation and airport-hotel transfers. If the airline can prove that 'extraordinary circumstances' beyond its control were at play, such as as bad weather, air traffic control problems or security issues, then it does not have to cough up.

A technical problem with the aircraft can also fall under 'extraordinary circumstances' - but not if it should have been picked up by routine maintenance.

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