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Village Voice published an article in 2011 that detailed how unbearable these women are: Dear Single Women of NYC: It's Not Them, It's You.As a Young Asian Professional (YAP) in NYC, I am affiliated with various social groups including Asian Ivy League Mixers and one type of girls that you can't miss out is your typical "banker chick".And yeah, the Asianwoman-splaining about how I should feel about my own masculinity and gender identity vis-a-vis our shared American culture is annoying.

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So when Erin writes about how AMs can be better allies to AFs, in principal I agree.

And who can forget that little episode at this year's Oscars, where three little Asian children in tuxes, holding briefcases, were jokingly portrayed as accountants. Regardless of your ethnicity, you are directly impacted by how Asians are portrayed on screen.

Sure there's Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead and John Cho helming the Starship Enterprise, but it's becoming quite evident that many of today's plum roles aren't being cast by Asians. The controversy behind Scarlett Johannson's casting was so bad that screenwriter Max Landis went on You Tube to defend his decision, then explained how the industry works.

But the gender rift started first (and again, if we simply set aside the motherland’s patriarchy which is problematic as I know first hand) with a generation of Asian American women and still continues to this day.

This discrepancy is being writ large now too in if you take the two biggest Asian American novels that are being or have been turned into film, there’s Amy Tan’s .

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