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"Because if it is, I'm going to be fighting for my life." He is referring to the moment, at 5pm UK time today, when he will climb to the top of a 90-foot pillar in Bryant Park, in midtown Manhattan.

He plans to stand on the pillar's 22-inch-wide surface for 35 hours, without a harness, without food, without liquids, and without safety nets to protect him from the flagstones beneath.

He followed this up by standing on top of a 100 ft pole in a Manhattan park for 35 hours, before diving off into a pile of cardboard boxes.

Blaine likes the rush he gets from what he calls the "purity of suffering" and claims that anyone could do what he has done. We will all be dead soon - ants, leaves, trees; we are here and we are gone, just like that. Because it just is."Nevertheless, if all the endurance performances are to be believed, Blaine does seem to be rushing headlong towards, if not at least hastening, his own death."Not at all.

"I'm just hoping it's not this windy next week," the 29-year-old is saying in a stoned, barely-conscious monotone that jars with his precarious position.

Right now, though, David Blaine, the illusionist turned purveyor of telegenic feats of endurance, is posing for photographs not on the platform but on the two-inch thick railing that is there to stop people falling off the platform.

There are plenty of people - rivals, mostly - who think Blaine is a charlatan, who say he has used his languid good looks and camera-friendly manner to transform a passable familiarity with some run-of-the-mill magic tricks into - abracadabra!

I try to say something, but Blaine puts a finger on my lips. From the standard legerdemain of card tricks and the conceit of resurrecting a dead fly, he has moved on to feats of performance and endurance that have kept his saturnine features bubbling across front pages and on television screens.

Then, from my own mouth, he extracts the diamond ring my mother lost in an accident at sea back in no, stop it! David Blaine and I do arrive at the hotel at the same time, but he strolls straight past and heads upstairs in a businesslike fashion. Fourteen million American viewers watched him entomb himself in a block of ice in Times Square for two-and-a-half days.

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